Welcome to The Blacks - The American Roots RocK Band


Rick Black (Vocals, Harp, Guitar)

Nick Black (Vocals, Guitar)

Jess Black (Drums, Percussion)

George Black (Bass)


“The Blacks” are a renowned rock band from Hohenlohe, Germany, that have achieved cult-status.  The September 2012 issue of the “Hohenloher Zeitung” (newspaper) carried an article entitled: “Ambassadors of Real Rock Classics” describing their achievements as “outstanding” (refer to www.theblacks-realrock.de). German only.


The band plays earthy folk rock songs that everybody knows and performs mostly songs for “true connoisseurs” of rock music. They write their own emotional and socially-critical songs from the musical genre of folk rock. Nine further tracks are currently arranged and ready to "high-fly"!


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A song as a tribute to Salma Hayek. From Dusk till Dawn: Oh my God, what a snake dance! Proud and graceful - simply seriously erotic! What a masterpiece, Quentin!


Passion or Obsession

A song about world's despots:  Do they really have a good night's sleep?


Charity Rider

A song about celebrity bigots who show off as good guys and generous donors to ride the gravy train. Isn't it Till Schweiger?



A song about fear of loss!


On this hill

This is a song about misunderstanding – misguided by quick judgement of events (not heard or experienced) and one’s own imagination.


Leaving Stones behind

A song about “childhood” and “adulthood”. We would love to hear what stories our children tell about us when they are grown-up and as old as we are now. Wouldn't we?


Blind or not

A song about talks between a philosopher and an ordinary guy. 

Donald's Lullaby

A lullaby specially composed for “our” Donald – evil to him who evil thinks…